The Sphericon family is a group of Paradoxical Solids —three-dimensional figures with geometrical characteristics that seem self-contradictory— constructed by cutting a solid of revolution in half and rejoining it at a 90º turn.


Sphericons are pieces that reflect singularity. Each one is made of high quality metals; stainless steel, brass or copper, with their own properties and features to bring perfection to your space. 

Let your mind wander by admiring the smooth surface of the Sphericon reflecting light at day or night. Improve your concentration by focusing on its edges that materialize rationality, and be amazed by the variety of paths that these pieces can take in motion.


This figure was developed from a bicone cut in half and rejoined with an offset angle of 90º, but now we know we can obtain different shapes depending on the original used figure. These forms are created with a solid of revolution, which is the result from sweeping 360º half a regular polygon around an axis formed vertically at its midpoint, and later the process is the same, it’s cut by half and turned 90º to rejoin it.

The Sphericon has one continuous surface and two discontinuous edges, meaning they can roll on the surface until the inertia is over.




This is what makes the Sphericon so special:



-  It can be made from a range of solids of revolution. 

-  While it rolls, every single point of its surface touches the ground. 

-   Each Sphericon has a different motion line depending on its geometry. 

-  Although the motion seems random, it moves in a predictable direction.

-   It's center of mass remains in the same position when it's rolling.


Each Sphericon sums up the best of ingenuity: from raw materials through design deciphering the laws of space and volume into beautiful objects, produced by metal casting and finished by hand, manifesting the human ability to recreate perfection.

Sph planta.jpg